Third death from Corona in Rohtak

Third death from Corona in Rohtak
The number of corona infected is continuously increasing in the district. On Wednesday, the third infected patient of the district died. With 27 new patients including neurosurgeons, newborns, cooks, railway employees, the number of infected reached 228, out of which 193 are active patients.
In the Health Bulletin issued by the Health Department, Budhwar is corona infected at various places in the city. Some of these patients have a contact history in Delhi. At the same time, most of the patients are vulnerable to the contact of already infected patients. Five more people from the Corona-infected family of Nasirpur Chhoti Chamaria have received the infection. Bahu Akbarpur resident and employee posted in Assistant Signal Department in Patel Nagar have been found infected, have isolated them till June 18. Apart from this, two students from Kamla Nagar, Bohar Bhopal Pana, a student of Rampura Colony Sampla, an employee, a child from Dataur, a Delhi-based person at Mansarovar Colony have been found infected. Teachers of Sheetal Nagar and New Chinyot Colony, cooks of Subhash Nagar, vegetable market Patel Nagar and Patel Nagar, two others have also been found infected. On the other hand, 56 people succumbed to injuries due to sugar and breathing problems on Wednesday.
Infected while treating the patient, then on the other hand, while doing surgery, I got a positive report
Doctors treating two patients in PGIMS’s Department of Neuro Surgery later found out that their patient was Corona positive. Due to this, the doctors of the department were walking in Quarantine. On Wednesday, another neurosurgeon who was found corona positive came to know about his report while he was undergoing surgery. He came out of the OT as soon as the doctor found himself to be Corona positive. Now the surgery done from morning to afternoon and the contact history of the doctors involved in it will be searched. Apart from this, the quarantine time of two doctors of the Department of Neuro Surgery is over and he will be on duty Thursday. Significantly, two patients were treated by doctors operating in Quarantine. After treatment, it was revealed that he was corona positive. Although the entire team was in a PPE kit during the surgery, the possibility of infection spreading is considered low.

Born a month old, newborn infected in seven months, admitted to Niku of PGIMS

Due to breathing problems since birth, admitted in two private hospitals

Corona has taken the youngest newborn in the state. Born on May 11 in seven months, the newborn was having trouble breathing since birth. Due to this, he was treated in two private hospitals. On Wednesday, on receiving the corona test report positive of the newborn, she has been admitted to the Niku Department of PGIMS.
According to sources, a woman resident of Jhajjar underwent cesarean delivery on May 11 at a private hospital in Rohtak. She gave birth to a 600-kilogram baby, about seven months old. The baby had problems breathing since birth. For this, he was admitted to a private hospital, from where the patient was kept in another private hospital in the city. If not rested, the newborn underwent a CT scan at a city lab. It was revealed that the operation will have to be done. When the family went to Delhi with the newborn papers, the doctors there asked for a corona examination report before performing the operation. When he was examined, he was found positive. After this, the newborn was referred to PGIMS. The child is currently on oxygen. It is being told that the health department will conduct a sample examination of both private hospital doctors, staff and doctors, and staff of private lab.
The woman of Jhajjar underwent cesarean delivery at a private hospital in Rohtak. After this, the child is admitted to another private hospital. The child has received a corona after a month of admission. A sample of the child’s parents and the people in the contact will be made. Apart from this, the team has been engaged for contact tracing.
– Dr. Anil Birla, Civil Surgeon
One month’s corona infected neonatal trauma center came, he has been sent to Niku department. He was admitted to a private hospital for a month. The child is being looked after by expert doctors of the Neonatal Department.

– Dr. Varun Arora, Public Relations Officer PGIMS

Neonatal needs to be protected from infections other than corona: broker

Dr. Jagjit Dalal of the PGIMS Neonatal Department told us that we have admitted a newborn child of 30 days in Niku. Now Corona has been found in its Delhi investigation report, so a sample has been taken in PGIMS on Wednesday. Apart from the patient, a sample of his father and another living person has also been sent for examination. Family members said that the mother is not getting milk, so she did not come along and she is not in contact with the child. Family members are not allowed to stay with the patient. Preventing the newborn from infection other than corona is a priority. Apart from this, the female patient has been written in the investigation report from Delhi, so after the investigation report of the institute, something can be said.
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