Villages did not listen to the government. Cases of corona virus started to increase | गांवों ने गवर्नमेंट की बात ना मानी | भढने लगी कोरोना वायरस के केसेस

Villages did not listen to the government. Cases of corona virus started to increase  गांवों ने गवर्नमेंट की बात ना मानी  भढने लगी कोरोना वायरस के केसेस
As soon as Corona came knocking in the district, the villages tied themselves in strict discipline. But later normal activities returned again. With this, the number of patients in the villages is increasing rapidly. There have been five Corona positive cases in villages like Detour. There are many villages where there is more than one patient.
With the knock of Corona, strict discipline was enforced in the villages. The administration had given orders to maintain the right guard. But many villages themselves closed collective hookahs and cards. Raj Kumar (60), a farmer from village Kiloi, saw for the first time in his life that mass hookahs had stopped due to fear of corona. In many villages children and the elderly were kept in homes. Permission was granted to go outside the village for necessary work. No one was allowed to go through the village. Information coming from outside someone’s house used to reach the panchayats immediately. Two or three times the panchayats sprayed sanitizers through the youth of the villages. But after a few days passed, the normal routine returned. The administration lifted the ban on movement. The government did not even get sanitizer spray again. Meanwhile, the people of the village also returned to the old pattern. Collective hookahs and playing cards recurred. There is no monitoring of movement and those coming from outside. However, due to the panic after getting corona patients in some villages, the precaution has started again. Hari Bhagwan, sarpanch of Kakrana, said that after getting a case first, entire villages were made into a container zone. People took precautions after opening it. The corona is now confirmed to the young man from the village living in Bawana. Then the Containment Zone has been created. After finding a patient in Kiloi Dopana, the strictness has started again. The farmer Rajkumar of the village said that everyone is explaining to each other that they follow the instructions.
More cases in these villages
So far, the highest number of five cases have been registered in Detour. Apart from these, four patients have been found in Gandhara, two in Rithal Narwal, Kabulpur, Imligarh, and Karana. Apart from these, Kovid positive cases have been found in villages like Sample, Kiloi Dopana, Naseerpur, Bahubakpur, Bohar, Sanghera, Girwar, Asan, Bhani Chandrapal, Bhainsru Kalan, Kharawar, Garhi Sampla, Roorkee, etc.
Initially, people took precautions. Collective hookahs, closing cards, fine guards, outsiders’ entry. But now people in villages are careless, not understanding the severity of the disease. The movement has opened up, mass meetings have begun. Weddings of more than fifty people are taking place. The administration also did not get the sanitizer sprayed again in the villages.
Preet Singh, Pradhan, Kisan Sabha. After finding corona positive patients in different parts of the district, District Magistrate RS Verma has ordered to create eight containment zones. The areas around them have been declared as buffer zones.
Old Housing Board Colony will house 50 feet from house number 48 on the west side, house number 43 on the south side, 50 feet on the east side, house zone 48 on the north side. A buffer zone has been created from house number 50 in the west to house number 37, house number 42 on the south, house number 68 on the east, and house number 50 on the north. Containment zones have been built from Gupta’s house in Pada Mohalla to Neelkanth’s house in the west, Munshi Ram’s house in the south, Desraj in the east to Gupta’s house in the north. There will be a buffer zone from Sunny’s house to Ram Kishan’s house in the west, Jamana Devi’s house in the south, Suraj’s house in the east to Sunny’s house in the north. A vacant plot has been constructed from Umed Singh’s house in Tilak Nagar to the vacant plot in the west, District Singh in the south to Umed’s house in the north. A buffer zone has been constructed from Diwan’s house to Om Prakash’s house in the north, Pratap Singh’s house in the west, Devendra’s house in the south to Dewan Singh’s house in the east. In the lane starting from Jagjit Ahlawat’s house near Basana-Kalanaur Road in Ward Seven of Kalanaur, there will be a containment zone up to Jagdish’s house covering the corona patient’s house in the south. The entire ward seven of Kalanaur has been made a buffer zone. Containment zone has been built from Suraj Bhan’s house in the village sample of Kalanaur to Lalchand’s house covering the corona patient’s house in the east. The administrative boundary of the village sample will be the buffer zone. Similarly, containment and buffer zones have been created in Kripal Nagar in Ward 15’s Shivan Enclave and Daryav Nagar in Ward 14.
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