Corona patients recovery rate 11% in Rohtak

Corona patients recovery rate 11% in Rohtak

The graph of corona infected patients is increasing continuously in the state. The district has ranked fourth in the list of most infected patients. With the arrival of 20 new patients on Sunday, the total number of infected reached 307. At the same time, a young man from Housing Board Colony succumbed to PGI during treatment. So far, there have been six deaths in the district. The death rate in the district has reached around 1.95 percent. So far, only 11.4 percent of patients have recovered and returned home. There are now 266 active cases, of which 93 have been undertreated in PGIMS and 173 are conditional home isolates.

The 36-year-old man broke down, came late to undergo treatment

The death of a 36-year-old youth on Sunday at PGIMS has raised questions over claims that the coronavirus is more deadly to the elderly, children, and sick people than to the young. The old housing board resident died on Sunday in ICU during treatment. The travel history of youth originally from Kahnore is associated with Gurugram. On the other hand, according to doctors, the young man had arthritis and depression. He also used to take anti-depression medicine. The young man was earlier undergoing treatment by private doctors. His condition was worse when PGIMS arrived. This was the reason that the young man had to take the ventilator on arrival. Since June 6, he was continuously on a ventilator. He was having trouble breathing. According to sources, doctors used all possible medicines to save the patient but were unsuccessful. It is being told that an imported drug was also used.
  • Total Case 307
  • Recovery Patient 35
  • 11.4 percent
  • Death: 6
  • 1.95 percent
  • Active Case: 266
  • 86.64 percent
  • Home isolate: 173
  • 56.35 percent
  • A look at the deaths so far
  • Location of death
  • Sai Das Colony One
  • Kamla Nagar Do
  • Pada Mohalla Ek
  • Jansewa Institute One
  • Housing Board Colony A
  • When did someone die
  • 3 April Woman
  • Note: The woman of Sai Das Colony died in Delhi, earlier this case was going on in Delhi but now it is being counted in Rohtak.

  • 08 June Female
  • 10 June elderly men
  • 13 June Elderly woman
  • 14 June Youth

The private hospital along with PGIMS also found doctors, patients, police, shopkeepers infected in Corona’s JD

PGIMS, district hospitals as well as private hospitals have been hit by the virus following the relaxation in lockdown. On Sunday, a woman was found infected in the maternal and child department of PGIMS, including a female doctor from a private hospital. Apart from this, police, shopkeepers, drivers, teachers, students have also come in the grip.
According to the Health Department, five from Meham, Cafe Shop in Kalanor and Rohtak, students of Rajendra Nagar, auto drivers of Patel Nagar, Pada Mohalla resident in Delhi, Jasbir Colony resident in Mumbai, working in private company Brahman was resident, Green Road resident working in showroom, Hasangarh resident in Delhi Police, Sampla resident working in Army School, two from Bohar working in Milk Plant, PGIMS Staff Adarsh ​​Nagar, Women from Sector Three and A med infection has been found in front of CR Polytechnic.

A phone of female doctor of the private hospital stopped

The health department confirmed the corona contamination of a woman doctor of a private hospital in an investigation report from PGIMS. It is being claimed that the woman was not coming to the hospital for a few days. Although another female doctor was found infected earlier, it was also claimed at that time that her doctor was not coming to the hospital. Corona infected patients are being found repeatedly in private hospitals of the city, but the health department is waiting for the guideline from the government.

Fifth infected in PGIMS’s mother-child department

The fifth infected patient was found in PGIMS’s Maternal and Child Department on Sunday. A corona patient was found inside Unit 2 on Sunday. Earlier, four patients have been found infected. Significantly, about 40 daily deliveries are being done in PGIMS. After receiving the infected patient for the first time, the labor room was sanitized and the labor room was kept closed for six to eight hours. Subsequently, Corona’s patients were found, but not stopped.

New guidelines issued by the Health Department regarding corona infection

No institute will be closed after getting one or two cases
Along with the relaxation given in the lockdown, new guidelines have been issued by the Health Department for hospitals, hotels, and other public places. Under this, no institute will be closed on getting one or two corona infected cases. It would be mandatory to seal any institute, shop, showroom, and hospital to be a hotspot. Civil Surgeon Dr. Anil Birla told that if one or two corona cases are found in any place of temple, hospital, monastery, showroom, shop, then it will not be sealed. According to the guidelines issued, those who are in contact with the infected person will be examined and the infected area will be made disinfected. If more cases are found at a time, it will be considered a hot spot and then it will be closed.

724 beds arranged in Kovid care centers

So far 11 Kovid Care Centers have been established in the district. Of these, about 724 beds have been arranged. Under the strategy, 3500 beds are to be arranged for the corona infected in the district. The district currently has 204 ventilators, of which 155 are in PGIMS. Their capacity will be increased in the coming time. This is to say that of DC RS Verma. He said that the administration is gearing up to defeat Corona. The district has more than 2600 Person Protection Equipment, more than 2500 N-95 masks available. Apart from these, about two lakh triple-layer surgical masks are available. Samples of 14703 people have been taken so far. The building of Baba Mastanath Ayurvedic College at Asthal Bohar will be used as a COVID Care Center. The college registrar will arrange for basic facilities like cleaning, water, electricity, beds, etc. Security will be arranged by the Superintendent of Police. At the same time, he said that the NGO and the Indian Medical Association have assured that they will cooperate with the district administration in dealing with any situation.
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