Medicine for Coronavirus

Medicine for Coronavirus
PGIMS is preparing to deliver Favipiravir medication to Corona patients. For this, on Monday, Vice Chancellor Dr. OP Kalra, Director Dr. Rohtas Kanwar Yadav, Chief Nodal Officer covid Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary and officials of Karnal, Mewat, Khanpur Medical College met and agreed to contract the rate of this medicine. Officials believe that this drug may be beneficial for Corona patients.
According to the sources, after getting the permission of the central government, the institute has planned to give this medicine to the patients of Corona in the state. However, no expert is willing to speak openly on how effective this will be on the patients of Corona. Because 100% research of this medicine is not yet certified. Physicians also believe that this drug is faster than other Corona drugs, so it can be used. Because this medicine can be given when there is no exact treatment of corona. Significantly, this medicine cannot be given to severe corona patients.

Taking medicine and its price is not easy

Experts say that the price of a tablet is Rs 103. On the first day, 18 tablets are consumed every morning and evening. After this, four pill will have to be taken in the morning for 13 days. After the trial, its effect will be known. At the same time, the authorities also believe that if the medicine is proved right then it will be reduced. Therefore, it will be right to contract the rate for this. Significantly, this drug was launched by Denmark.

Dr. Dhruv took charge on the completion of the quarantine

Chief Nodal Officer of the State covid and PCCM Department Head PGIMS Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary has taken charge on Monday. On June 4, he himself was found to be corona infected, including a daughter. He returned to duty on Monday after his investigation report came back negative and completed the quarantine peer. Regarding Favipiravir medicine, the official said that it is not possible to say anything about this drug right now. There has been a meeting to rate the contract. Dr. SP Kalantri, senior professor at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science, has also advised not to rush on this medicine. This drug is more popular on social media.
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