App Ban: Why PUBG and Zoom were not banned in India, this is a big reason

Digital Desk, New Delhi. The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps while performing digital surgical strikes amidst the ongoing deadlock along the border with China. These apps banned under the IT Act 2000 include 59 popular apps in China including Tik Tok (Tick Talk), UC Browser (UC Browser). The ban has been cited as a threat to national security caused by the app. However, PUBG (PUBG) and Zoom (Zoom) are not included in this list. Many people have raised questions on Twitter. 

People say that both apps should be banned as soon as possible. Users have a question as to why PUBG and Zoom apps were not banned amid so many Chinese app restrictions? While the Indian government itself had issued an advisory not to use these apps in the past. If some similar questions are arising in your mind, then let us know the big reason for not banning both the apps.


PUBG is quite a popular game, although it is less known that PUBG is not a Chinese but a South Korean online video game. The game is made by BlueWheel subsidiary Battleground (Battleground). The game was influenced by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royal and was produced by Brendan. In South Korea, the game is marketed and distributed by Kakao Games. 

The Chinese government also initially did not allow the PUBG game in China but was later introduced in China with the help of China’s largest video game publisher, Tencent. Instead, he was given a share in this game. In China, it was introduced as the Game of peace.

now talk about Zoom (Zoom), then it was also not included in the banned 59 Chinese apps. The reason for this is that Zoom Communication is an American company. However, the company’s large workforce operates in China. Let us know that Zoom is a popular app in India for video calling, but a lot of questions have arisen regarding data security. After which the advisory of not using it was also issued by the Government of India. However, the company later claimed improvement.

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