Mitron App came back on Play Store, recently it was deleted

Mitron App came back on Play Store, recently it was deleted
Friends app, the short video app that has gained more popularity in a very short time, is back on the Google Play Store. The Friends app was removed from the play store due to a content policy violation. At the time when the friend’s app was removed from the play store, at that time there was no privacy policy of the app, but now the privacy policy has also been updated.  
The Mitron App, which links China’s short video app TicketLock, can now be downloaded from the Google Play-Store. According to the information given on the play-store, the friend’s app is from Bangalore.
It is designed for those who want to bring their talent to the world. Friends app has been downloaded by Google Play Store more than 5 million people so far. The app was removed from the play store on June 2. 
Please tell that in a report about friends app, it was claimed that this app is originally from Pakistan. Friends app has been purchased from Pakistani developers for around Rs 2,500. The real name of the friend’s app was called TikTik and it was said that it was created by Qboxus, a company of Irfan Sheikh of Pakistan.
Irfan Sheikh sold the source code of this app to someone for 34 dollars i.e. around Rs 2,500. Now the problem here is not from the developer and Pakistan, the problem is to promote in the name of privacy and Made in India. The truth is that there is no change in the Pakistani tick app. Only the tick has been named friends.
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