With every new dawn, India is doing many new things for new industries, and soon it is believed that this region will prove to be the best country.

A lot of efforts are continuing to bring superpower in India,  and we are confident that soon some of the best industries in the world will come forward. So let us know which are the new 7 industries in which India will show some good and good by doing. 

Automotive Technology
AMP plan was introduced in 2006 to boost auto production in the country. And its first phase is implemented between 2006 and 2016. But given its ergonomic development, its second phase will be brought by the end of this year, but its AMP plan will be applicable from 2016 to 2026. 

VFX has
not yet used special effects in Bollywood movements like Hollywood Movement. Due to which Indian VFX Studios are having to take some effects from Hollywood, which is a moving example like Life of Pay, Skyfall, Avatar. But looking at these effects requirements, Indian VFX Studios will soon be changed, due to which the Indian VFX Studios status will be given globally.

Telecom has
nothing to hide in this, India is the world’s largest telecommunications market. Along with that our call tariff is also very low compared to other countries, due to which we can give a tough competition to other countries in the telecom world. More than 300 million people are connected to telecom services. 

Banking Software
Global Development Horizons (GDH) report Nusar, Saving, and Investment This is a world dependent on each other. Therefore, in the future, almost twice the shares of India will become available in it, it is being said.

Medical Information Systems

Indian medical fraternity is the best system in the world. Doctor in India: There is patient evidence (1: 1700), which WHO (World Health Organization) recommends to be 1: 1000. Because of this, Indian doctors operate more marriages in a day than other nations. But because of this, the mental balance of doctors is disturbed. That is why we need to increase the medical information system in the world.  

Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of Things concept is growing rapidly in India. However, some Indian companies have already started using this concept for gaming. 

Textile technology
is given more importance in India on its attire. However, the textile market is not only limited to India, but it is also considered important internationally. In India, 27% of foreign exchange textile exports are found to be the reason. Given the increasing popularity of Indian textiles, the appearance of Indian textiles will completely change in a few years. 

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