How to Hack a Website Through Basic HTML Coding

 This Appvillo article will give you access to the source HTML of the website, with a view to searching the login information of any website. Although in most browsers, you can access the HTML of a lot of websites, but no website stores its administrator password or other login information on HTML and any website that stores such information. Is, she can either be brand new right now or she is not completely ready yet. 

How to Hack a Website Through Basic HTML Coding
How to Hack a Website Through Basic HTML Coding


Understand in advance that this method will not work on all websites: if a website is not designed with incredibly rudimentary HTML protection, then passwords and other login information, an encrypted format (encrypted formats), and can not be found by looking at the HTML of the website.


Open a website: In a web browser such as Chrome (Chrome), Firefox, or Safari, go to the website you want to hack.


Go to the “Login” section. If a login part exists on the website, click the login or Sign In link to access it.

  • If your website now loads on a login screen (or if the login part is on the home page), then you can skip this step.


Open the source code of the website. Different menus have different ways of accessing it through menus, but the easiest way to see the HTML code of your website is to either Ctrl+U (Windows) or ⌘ Command+U press (on the Mac). In this way, a new tab will open, on which the source code of the website will be present.

  • If you are using Microsoft Edge, then to see the HTML of the page, click on the Elements tab from the pop-out menu.


Open the “Search” feature: On the Source Code tab,presseitherCtrl +F (in Windows) or⌘ Command +F (in Mac)to bring up the search bar on the upper-right side of the window.


Search for login information: password Write in the search box, then scroll to the result that is highlighted. If you have any do not result in sight, then shortened to just the search pass, and then get started back, then the exact same thing user, username, login and give the other what keyword description of the login information, even for them Do it

  • If you want to hack the website and login with administrator rights, then the username will probably look like “admin” or “root”.


Try to login by entering an incorrect username and password. If you entered the full HTML search, but you did not get any sufficient results, then do so:

Close the Source tab.

For username and password, type anything (or email address).

Click the login button.

CtrlByU pressing + or ⌘ Command+U, reopen the source page.


Start searching for login rights again. Once you see these failed login attempts updated on the source code of the page, then you can start trying to get the information related to the login information on the search bar.


Enter any information related to the login, enter it on the site: If you have managed to get any information related to the username and password from the HTML of that website, then try to use that information in the login part of the website. If it works, it means that you have obtained the correct information.

  • advice

If you are learning how to hack the HTML of a website, then for this use a site called “Hack This Site”, on this site there are some basic as well as many problems related to hacking. All examples exist. If you want to participate in the Hack This Site Challenge, then for that you have to sign in on an account.

When you look at the source code of the website you have chosen, then learning HTML will also be very helpful for you.

  • Warning

You cannot edit the HTML of a website from your browser unless you have access to the server on which that HTML file is uploaded.

If you do not understand my given information,then you can ask me your question in the comment box, I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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